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          Wafer service
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          FSM provides all levels of wafer reclaim from a technically advanced low particle, super flat reclaim to the simplest strip and polish producing handling grade wafers with a clear polished surface.   Wafers which flow through FSM advanced reclaim programs successfully characterize 45nm particles and site flatness at 0.13um.
          By utilizing State of the art reclaim equipment, FSM is able to reclaim wafers with a minimal amount of silicon removal (as low as 3um) and the highest yields in the industry. Please inquire with FSM for a quotation or additional information regarding Reclaim.
          Wafer Diameters:
          50mm to 300mm
          Reclaim Types:
          ·    Wafers are stripped of all films and chemically cleaned.
          ·    FSM can also redeposit films after a strip and clean.
          Strip and Kiss polish
          ·   Wafers are stripped of all films and lightly polished to remove any surface damage, roughness, or film residue.
          Particle reclaim
          ·    FSM offers a qualified Particle reclaim process down to 45nm.
          FSM has the capability to return reclaimed wafers with exceptional flatness results due to the use of state of the art equipment.
          ·    FSM reclaims wafers for Lithography applications by providing very tight SFQR and STIR readings
          ·    Site flatness is easily achieved at <.13.
          Leading edge development in surface technology:
          FSM has a qualified particle reclaim process on 200mm and 300mm wafers down to 80nm and 45nm defect sizes respectively.
          FSM provides 100% measurement and data for each wafer.
          Other advantages of FSM wafer reclaim programs:
          Average Yield:  95% 
          Separate Cu lines
          Separate Au, Ag, Pt, Pd reclaim
          Low K film and Hf02 films removal solutions
          Wafer “Fill-In” upon request
          Wafer reclaim programs to fit any budget

          Please CONTACT FSM for more information.