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          Lithography & cover
          TSV packaging
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          FSM provides a wide variety of wafer patterning solutions catered to the semiconductor and MEMS industries. Standard test patterns are available for CMP, Etch, Clean, and Medical Device manufacturing markets on glass and silicon substrates. In addition to our standard test pattern offerings, FSM accepts custom wafer patterning projects based upon end-user design with an option to provide engineering CAD and mask manufacture.

          Materials: Silicon, Glass
          Wafer Diameters: 50mm to 300mm
          Lithography Tools: Scanner, Stepper, Proximity/contact aligner, E-Beam
          Technology Nodes: 65nm, 90nm, 130nm, 180nm, 250nm and larger
          Photoresist: 193nm, 248nm(DUV), I-Line
          Etch: Wet, RIE, DRIE
          CMP: W, Cu, Al, Oxide, TEOS
          Metrology: SEM, Cross Section, E- Test etc.
          Test Reticles:
          TSV wafers
          CMP Dishing and Erosion
          Surface Trench Isolation (STI)
          Damascene and Dual Damascene
          Line /Space Arrays
          Via Arrays
          Daisy Chain
          Memory Patterns
          E-testable structures
          Specialty Products: :
          Precious Metals: Au, Pd, Ag, Pt
          Thick Photoresist
          TSV 100 SiVia
          FSM offers Through-Silicon Via (TSV) wafers with a via depth of 100um and a diameter of 50um.
          The Through-Silicon Via (TSV) is etched with excellent sidewall surface roughness from the center of the wafer to the edge of the wafer aligned to the notch.
          All Through Silicon Vias are etched on a 10 to 100um Via Etch Pattern Layout for a 200mm wafer.
          The electroplated copper layer is 10,000 angstroms followed by 2um Cu seed layer and 1000 angstroms Titanium Liner on TEOS.
          Cross Section
                                                                              Si vias, before Cu seed                                 
                                                                              aft. Cu seed

          Please CONTACT FSM for more information.